Vegan Mushroom Leek Soup (Healthy & Low Cal)

Vegan Mushroom Leek Soup (Healthy & Low Cal)

If it still cold outside? You bet it is! You would think that after making what felt like a GAZILLION soups for my cookbook, Awesome Vegan Soups, I’d be done with them forever. Yea…not so much! I still need to share with you a few recipes from my cookbook but this Vegan Mushroom Leek Soup is actually one that never made it into the cookbook.

I’ve made it several times over the past months. It’s actually a mushroom soup that my kids enjoy. Best part? It’s completely guilt-free! Not that I ever keep track of calories but I know many of my readers do.  One cup of this vegan mushroom leek soup on has 58 calories! How’s that for a healthy, satisfying yet light lunch (or dinner)?

So how exactly did I turn a mushroom leek soup that’s traditionally made with heavy cream and loads of butter into something healthy?


Take all those lovely mushrooms.

Vegan Mushroom Leek Soup (Healthy & Low Cal)
Yep! Those yummy ones!!

Slice your mushrooms and leeks and cook them with just a tad bit of olive oil. If you prefer to cook without oil, you can always just use a some water instead. That takes care of your buttery problem.

Now for how to replace all that heavy cream…

This is where I love to use cauliflower instead. I’ve used cauliflower to make creamy soups lots of times because it really does work wonders. I used it in my vegan potato leek soup, curried red lentil and pumpkin soup, and sweet potato cauliflower soup.  It’s important to just give the cauliflower enough time to cook or your soup will be grainy.

I also added a some unsweetened almond milk to the vegan mushroom leek soup just for some extra creaminess.

Vegan Mushroom Leek Soup (Healthy & Low Cal)
Top of your finished soup with some vegan sour cream, some of the cooked mushrooms and leeks (you hopefully reserved while you were cooking!!) and some fresh parsley. Voila! That’s one easy, healthy, vegan mushroom leek soup!

Vegan Mushroom Leek Soup (Healthy & Low Cal)

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